What is a Supervised Contact Centre?

Following Whispers Contact Centre is a safe, friendly and neutral place where children can spend time with one or both parents, and sometimes other family members. We are accredited member of NACCC to an Enhanced level.

We hope to provide a child centred environment that puts the needs of the children first. Contact is often needed in situations where a parent’s past behaviour puts a child’s safety into question. Circumstances for which supervision might be ordered include past allegations of violence or abuse, either toward the other parent or child, substance abuse, or neglect.

Supervised contact may also be ordered in cases where a parent is re-entering a child’s life after a prolonged period without contact.

While it may place certain restrictions on how a parent and child can spend their time together, supervised parenting time still allows parents to foster relationships with their children.

What is it like?

The most important people at our Contact Centre are the children. We want to create a warm, sociable atmosphere where you and your children can relax and enjoy yourselves. The Centre has a variety of games, toys and books for children of all ages.

Tea, coffee and soft refreshments are provided. You may want to bring along some favourite toys, special drinks, or other things you might need such as nappies.

The Contact Centre is run by fully trained Staff. They are impartial, so they do not take sides. They work to a strict confidentiality policy and have all been through an enhanced DBS check.

How can visits be arranged?

Visits are by referral. The referral can be made by either parent, a social worker, solicitor, family mediator, CAFCASS officer or by a court order.

The person making the referral fills out a referral form and sends it to the Centre Co-ordinator.

  • We accept both professional and private referrals
  • We can help to re-establish contact when there has been a significant time lapse of no contact
  • We can assist parents in building and sustaining positive relationships between themselves and their child.

For further information contact the centre:


01843 850258